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More and more women are going into farming, and bringing new ideas into the field.

By Leah Zerbe

women in farming | The Girl Next Door Is the Future of Food | Rodale News.

After reading the story above I got to thinking…living on a farm does sound nice! I currently have tomatos,  eggplant, parsley, basil, oregano, thyme, rosemary, cucumbers growing, not to mention all the flowers and plants, yes it would be nice to have more space to farm!

Reusable finds had a great time on Saturday. We gather up 9 volunteers to join us at the 2nd annual green street clean up day in Barrio Logan. Volunteer pick up trash, plant zero scape gardens, painted and  planted trees

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Reusable Finds is finally ready to launch their new website! Stay tune as it will be live real soon.

Do you take this credit card? – Yahoo! News

One Mans Trash … is anothers art

Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich

Who knew it was so easy to change the world?

The next time you pack this all-American sandwich for lunch, you’re helping the environment. You don’t have to change your whole diet to change the world. Just start with lunch.

German team wins solar home competition – Yahoo! News: “German team wins solar home competition Fri Oct 19, 8:45 PM ET WASHINGTON – A team of students from Germany’s Technische Universitat Darmstadt won a weeklong competition Friday on the National Mall for the best, most efficient and well-designed and -engineered solar home. ADVERTISEMENT The competition attracted 20 universities, most from the United States. Other foreign competitors came from Canada and Spain. The Solar Decathlon, sponsored by the Energy Department, required construction of an exclusively solar-powered home that uses no more electricity than is generated by its solar panels over a five-day period. The contest also required that power be available to drive a plug-in electric car.” Calendar

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